Professional Background

I am a qualified social worker and I have extensive experience of working with children and families in both residential and secure settings within statutory and private sector in the UK and Dublin, Ireland for over 20 years.

I managed a secure unit having responsibility for strategic and operational management. I have delivered training, supervision and consultancy to private sector managers within the field of children services. I was instrumental in the establishment of a local authority Family intervention Project (under the stronger Families agenda) and worked directly with Parents as Partners to resolve conflict through person centred, solution focused interventions; and secure better outcomes for children.

I am a trained and licenced Parenting facilitator and have delivered programmes to parents. More recently, I have been engaged in providing training to frontline staff across England in Recognition of Parental Conflict.

I am self-motivated and continue to upskill my knowledge and practice through training and research.

Sandra Copeland

I am a Social Work England Qualified Social worker with over twenty years’ experience in a variety of settings. This includes local authority and private organisation primarily working with children, young people and families. I have worked in a range of teams including child in need, Looked After, child protection and court teams. In addition, I managed a family Intervention project, providing supervision and guidance to Family Intervention Workers who worked with families to address conflict using solution focussed interventions with the aim of securing improved outcomes for children and young people.

I also managed a parenting team which was responsible for delivering the strengthening families, strengthening communities and bridging the gap parenting programmes.

My most extensive experience is of working within residential and secure settings within the statutory and private sectors. I was responsible for helping to set up a secure unit and for having operational and strategic responsibilities for a complex of three secure units.

In recent years I have worked in the fostering arena which has included undertaking Form F assessments, initial assessments, annual reviews, fostering panel assistant chair and more recently agency decision maker.  One of my current roles involves addressing the care and development needs of a private fostering agency.

I am both a practice educator and practice assessor and regularly work with students and Newly Qualified Social workers from a number of universities and organisations within London.

I am an experienced supervisor, manager and leader who provides regular supervision and guidance to managers within residential and fostering settings. In the past I have managed several social worker teams where I was responsible for providing supervision in respect of child protection, child in need and court cases.

As a qualified counsellor, I provide counselling both on an individual and group basis. I also provide counselling support to organisations (staff) working with children and young people with complex needs.

I am committed to ensuring improved outcome for children and young people and to ensure their holistic needs are met.